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Seventh person confirmed killed in New York gas explosion

Seven people have been killed and 74 injured after a gas explosion caused two residential buildings to collapse in New York. 168 firefighters were sent to tackle the blaze.

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Scenes of devastation at the Harlem building collapse

The buildings that exploded were both five stories tall and they both had collapsed down to the first floor, according to a senior FDNY official who spoke to NBC News reporter Tom Winter.

Residents reported hearing a loud explosion in Harlem. Credit: kliina1654/Instagram

Amateur photographer at the scene Kliina1654 said "So far my building and people in it are OK. Thanks to God!"

Debris and rubble fell into the streets around the site Credit: kliina1654/Instagram
Two men lift metal from a rail track after the explosion Credit: kliina1654/Instagram
Fire and police services at the scene of the explosion Credit: kliina1654/Instagram

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