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Satellite picked up 'electronic ping' from Malaysia plane

An "electronic ping" was picked up from the Malaysia Airlines flight by satellites after the plane lost contact with ground control, Reuters reports. Meanwhile, US officials have been given an "indication" the plane crashed into the Indian Ocean.

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Search for aircraft now covers 27,000 nautical miles

The Malaysian Transport Minister Mishamuuddin Hussein has given his assurances to the families of those on board the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, the searches will not "reduce in tempo".

The Malaysian Transport Minister Mishamuuddin Hussein. Credit: APTN

Speaking at a news conference, he told reporters the search for MH370 now covers 27,000 nautical miles.

Mr Hussein explained a total of 12 countries are now involved in the search, 42 ships and 39 aircraft.

He added that more experts were now being drafted in to examine both military and civil data collected.

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