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North Sea helicopter crash that killed 16 men 'was avoidable'

An inquiry into a North Sea helicopter crash that killed 16 men has found that it could have been avoided. Families of 14 oil workers and two crew members who died in 2009 have called for a full public inquiry.

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Companies 'more interested in burying than fact finding'

The lawyer for the families of the 16 men killed in the North Sea helicopter crash said they would trust nothing less than a full public inquiry into the failures that led to their deaths.

The wreckage of the helicopter, that crashed killing all 16 men on board. Credit: Andrew Milligan/ PA Wire

Mr Gordon said the Scottish and Westminster governments would be "astounded" at the way the fatal accident inquiry (FAI) had been conducted, and that the companies and authorities were more interested in hiding what had happened.

"If the Scottish Government and the Westminster Government looked at the way the FAI was conducted they would be astounded."

He said BP, the Civil Aviation Authority, Eurocopter and Bond had been more interested in "burying this" than fact-finding.

"Once again we reiterate our appeal that there should be a public inquiry here."

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