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Scottish independence 'a threat to safety and security'

Independence poses a threat to both levels of safety and security and the future of defence jobs in Scotland, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has told the Scottish Conservative Party conference in Edinburgh.

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Cameron: Referendum is a major life decision

Speaking at the opening of of the Scottish Conservative party's spring conference in Edinburgh, the prime minister is expected to say the referendum is "a major life decision" that shouldn't be made without knowing the full consequences.

He is expected to add:

And look at who's laying out those consequences: the governor of the Bank of England, the president of the European Commission, business chiefs from companies like BP and Shell; Alliance Trust and RBS; Lloyds, Barclays - the list goes on.

These are not political puppets, they are serious, non-partisan figures.

So, the idea that these are empty warnings and political scare-mongering is a myth - and we owe it to the people of Scotland to take that myth apart.

– Prime Minister David Cameron

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