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Mobile phone companies 'hanging customers out to dry'

Mobile phone companies are "hanging customers out to dry" by not doing enough to prevent shock bills, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has warned.

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Mobile phone industry must 'banish bad behaviour'

The mobile phone industry needs to "banish bad behaviour" by communicating more with their customers about upcoming bills and their current usage, the Citizen's Advice Bureau has said.

Chief executive Gillian Guy wants to see phone providers help their customers by texting them with reminders about costs and limits:

It's time the industry looked at how it could banish bad behaviour and help customers avoid large bills.

Phone providers could help people by sending them text messages with reminders about the costs and any limits they have. There is also an opportunity for firms to be innovative by creating tools for people to keep day-to-day track of their charges, calls and data use.

Consumers can also take steps to steer clear of running up a large bill abroad including checking costs with their network before they travel or getting a local sim card if you visit a place regularly.

– Gillian Guy

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