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Spending on entertainment bundles hits record levels

Household spending on entertainment bundles has increased to record levels, a national review of internet users' spending habits has shown.

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Report: Cash 'wasted on unwatched paid-for TV'

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of those questioned said they have no idea how much internet data they actually use as part of entertainment bundles they pay for, while almost a third of respondents (29%) do not know what capacity they are paying for.

Although an increasing number of consumers are putting their hands in their pockets to pay for additional online streaming services, there is still a considerable amount of cash wasted on paid-for TV channels which go unwatched.

People should regularly assess their viewing habits to ensure they are getting value for money from their TV service.

– Guy North Freeview director

The cost of TV "wastage" - the amount spent on paid-for channels that are going unwatched - has decreased since last year.

With the cost of TV entertainment within a bundle averaging at £22 per month in 2014, households are spending £195.35 annually on unwatched TV channels.

The report was issued by the Post Office and Freeview.

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