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Cameron outlines seven point plan for EU membership

The Prime Minister is to demand that Britain is no longer bound by the commitment to an "ever closer union" in Europe as part of his renegotiation of the UK's membership of the EU.

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Labour: PM's EU plans 'leaves us little the wiser'

The Prime Minister is attempting to achieve party unity through the device of policy obscurity over EU membership, the shadow foreign secretary has said, after David Cameron for the first time set out his key priorities for change in a seven-point plan.

Douglas Alexander said: "The gap between what Tory backbenchers will accept, and what other European leaders will consider, remains unbridgeable."

Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander Credit: PA

"David Cameron's latest article leaves us little the wiser about what reforms he actually wants in Europe or how he plans to deliver change", he said.

"Labour has set out a different approach. We are clear that Europe must work better for Britain, and this week Ed Miliband set out real and specific reforms to achieve that."

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