Cable: 'Compelling case' to speed up HS2 extension

Business Secretary Vince Cable has said there is a "compelling case" to speed up the extension of the controversial HS2 high speed rail link to the cities of the north.

Business Secretary Vince Cable with David Cameron at a 10 Downing Street reception last summer. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

His intervention came as HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins prepared to outline his plan for an accelerated construction timetable while reducing the cost of the #50 billion infrastructure project.

Sir David, who will publish his report on later, will also issue an appeal to the main political parties to unite behind the scheme.

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Osborne: No further spending on £50bn HS2

George Osborne welcomed David Higgins' recommendations for HS2 but warned there will be "no increases" on the £50 billion project. The boss of HS2 challenged politicians to pave the way for a faster building of the high-speed line to reduce spending.