One dead and 8 missing after ships collide off Tokyo Bay

Rescue efforts are underway for Chinese crew members of a cargo ship that collided with a freighter and sank off Tokyo Bay.

Japanese Coast Guard officials say the cargo ship Beagle III had a crew of 20 Chinese nationals: 11 have been rescued, one is dead, and eight remain missing.

The Panamanian-registered Beagle III sank after colliding with the South Korean-registered Pegasus Prime at the mouth of Tokyo Bay early this morning.

The South Korean vessel had a crew of 14 from South Korea and Myanmar. Two of them were reportedly injured.

The Beagle III was leaving Yokohama for Kobe, and the Pegasus Prime was heading toward Tokyo Bay.

The Coast Guard is continuing the search for the missing crew members and is investigating the circumstances of the accident.

Japan's Transport Safety Board has also dispatched five investigators to look into the collision.