Three dogs dead after poison 'planted' around park

Three dogs have died and three more have received treatment after eating poison 'planted' in and around a north-west London park.

Two bull lurchers and a springer spaniel have so far died in three separate incidents around Fryent Country Park in Brent, including one where meat laced with poison was left in undergrowth.

Brent Police said the deaths were caused by a "nasty, cruel act", while the RSPCA said ingesting the poison "would have caused these dogs a great deal of suffering".

Three separate poisoning incidents occurred around Fryent Country Park. Credit: Google Maps

Lesley Hastings, whose six-year-old lurcher Toby died in a second incident after eating what is thought to have been rat poison, said whoever is behind the attacks was "malicious".

The Kingsbury resident told London24: “To lose a dog like Toby like this is so sad. He was a rescue dog and I had only had him for two years.”

“How do we know cats haven’t died too but their owners think they have just run away?” she added.