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Customers 'forced to pay' for slow Broadband

Some customers are forced to pay for a broadband speed that is faster than the one they are getting, according to a consumer group. Which? accused broadband companies of forcing some customers to pay for speeds they may never get.

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Ofcom: Voluntary Broadband code 'working effectively'

Ofcom have defended internet providers after reviewing the ability of companies like BT and Sky to stick to a voluntary code of practice.

A spokeswoman for the industry watchdog admitted there were some areas that needed to be "strengthened further" but said "overall the code is working effectively".

Ensuring consumers receive a high quality of service from their broadband provider and are fairly treated are high priorities for Ofcom.

That is why, in 2008, we introduced a broadband speeds voluntary code of practice to ensure consumers are protected...

Mystery shopping conducted last year by Ofcom revealed that, overall, the code is working effectively.

We have, however, already identified areas where it might be strengthened further and have discussed improvements with providers to better serve consumers.

We expect to publish a revised code of practice in the coming months.

– An Ofcom spokeswoman

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