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Cameron: Pensions reform 'the right thing to do'

David Cameron said giving people freedom with their pensions funds was "the right thing to do" and that this was "the right time to do it". He made the comments during a PM Direct event this morning.

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PM: 'Condescending' to suggest pensions cash blowout

David Cameron told ITV News it was "very condescending" to suggest people who are given the opportunity to drawdown money from their pensions will spend it all at once.

The Prime Minister told ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship: "I think it is a very condescending view to say to people who've worked hard, who've saved, 'We don't trust you because we think you're going to blow all that money you saved on one item or one holiday'.

"I simply don't believe people will do that ... These people who've worked hard, who've saved, they've been thinking about their retirement and it's only fair to let them spend their money in their retirement as they choose".

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