Man wins 16-year legal battle over laptop

Richard Durkin returned the laptop to PC World in 1998. Credit: PA

A man who has been battling a bank for 16 years over payments for a laptop has won his Supreme Court case.

Richard Durkin bought the computer at a PC World store in Aberdeen in 1998 and signed a credit agreement with lender HFC Bank for about £1,500, the court heard.

He returned the computer the next day because it did not have an internal modem and asked for the credit agreement to be cancelled.

But HFC said he had to keep making payments and after he refused the bank issued a default notice.

Mr Durkin's name appeared on a credit 'blacklist' for several years as a result, the court heard.

The 44-year-old says he has spent around £250,000 on legal fees since his challenge began, but the Supreme Court ruled that he should be paid only £8,000 in damages after it found that he "validly" rescinded the agreement.