Deaf woman thanks readers for 'wonderful comments'

A deaf woman, who appeared in an emotional video which showed her hearing for the first time, has thanked ITV News' Facebook followers for their "wonderful comments" on the social networking site.

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A video captured the first time Joanne Milne heard a sound. Credit: ITV Tyne Tees

Commenting on ITV News' Facebook page, Joanne Milne wrote: "Wonderful're making me cry again! Thanks everyone...I'm still on my emotional rollercoaster!"

Watch: Deaf woman tells ITV 'it's amazing' to hear for first time


Deaf woman 'amazed' to hear everyday sounds

Video of a 40-year-old deaf woman becoming overcome with emotion at hearing for the first time has gone viral around the world. Joanne Milne has told ITV News it was "absolutely amazing" to hear, thanks to her cochlear implants.