Labour 'to axe' student tuition fees by 'at least £3k'

Labour is planning to slash university tuition fees by at least £3,000 a year, according to The Sunday Times (£).

Labour leader Ed Miliband is expected to pledge he will cut the £9,000 maximum fee, which sparked riots when it was being debated in 2010, to £6,000.

Labour pledges 'student tuition fees cuts' Credit: PA

He is also studying a more far-reaching overhaul of tuition fees being proposed by John Denham, the former universities secretary, that would see maximum fees fall to £4,000.

In addition, Miliband will leave the way open for the whole system of tuition fees to be scrapped later and replaced by a tax on graduates, which supporters see as a fair way of stopping students running up huge debts.