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Network Rail plans £38bn investment to upgrade railways

A £38bn upgrade to Britain's railways is expected to be announced later today by Network Rail. More than 1.5bn passengers use the train each year and the railways are expected to carry more people than ever before by 2019.

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£38bn rail spend 'only keeps us standing still'

The head of one of the train drivers' trade union has hit out at the Government's strategy for improving the railways and called for the network to be returned to public ownership.

Mick Whelan, the general secretary of Aslef, said the £38bn announced for 2014-19 "only keeps us standing still".

The truth is that, after 20 years of privatisation, things aren't getting better. That's why opinion poll after opinion poll shows that most people - including most Conservative voters - in this country want our fragmented railways brought back into public ownership so we can run a properly integrated public service. It's time to build a better railway for everyone in Britain.

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