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'Nearly half' of jobs in some areas do not pay living wage

Nearly half of jobs in some part of Britain are failing to pay the living wage, a leading trade union has warned. The TUC said figures showed between 20-50% of workers were not earning enough money to live off, depending on the constituency .

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'Almost half' of jobs in some parts pay under living wage

Almost 50% of the jobs on offer in some parts of the UK are paying less than the living wage, according to data from a leading trade union.

Inner London and some parts of Surrey had the lowest number of underpaid workers. Credit: PA

The TUC said a breakdown of official figures showed around 20% of workers were taking home less than the living wage for the area they lived in.

However, in some constituencies this rose to 50%.

The TUC said this amounted to five million people working for less than the living wage, with some of the worst offending areas in parts of outer London.

The living wage comes in at £8.80 per hour in London and £7.65 for the rest of the country.

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