Calls for Air Mauritius to refuse to fly A-level student

Hundreds of people have been tweeting and calling Air Mauritius airlines to ask them to refuse to carry 19-year-old student Yashika Bageerathi, due to be deported back to Mauritius later tonight.


.@airmauritius Please don't deport Yashika Bageerathi -you'll be separating her from family, putting her in danger &disrupting her education


Hi @airmauritius Please refuse to fly #Yashika Bageerathi. You did the right thing on Sunday, so please refuse again


URGENT! Yashika to be deported 9pmfrom Heathrow on Air Mauritius #FightForYashika Email @saveyashika Now!

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A-level student deported to Mauritius: I am all alone

An A-level student deported back to Mauritius last night has told ITV News she is alone in the country that her family fled in 2011. Yashika Bageerathi was flown back despite pleading with ministers to let her stay until after her exams.