Nato: Russia invading Ukraine would be 'historic mistake'

It would be "an historic mistake" for Russia to send its forces over Ukraine's eastern border, Nato's secretary general has warned.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen also told ITV News Europe Editor James Mates that the military alliance would do all it could to protect members if they are attacked by Russia.


NATO Sec Gen @andersfoghr Rasmussen confirms to me the alliance will take all steps to defend any member attacked by Russia, including war.


Rasmussen: "Our guarantee to our members is steadfast". But: "we can't continue to disarm while Rus increases its def spending". #NATO


NATO's top general warns Rus cd capture everything it wants in #Ukraine in 3-5 days. Sec Gen @andersfoghr: "This wd be an historic mistake".


Lavrov calls for 'de-escalation of rhetoric' over Ukraine

Russian troops near the Ukrainian border will return to its permanent bases after completing its military exercises, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said, calling for a "de-escalation" of rhetoric.