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No new inquiry into 1974 Birmingham bombings

West Midlands Police have said there will not be a fresh inquiry into the 1974 Birmingham bombings.

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West Midlands Police: Insufficient evidence for inquiry

Relatives of the families of those killed in the 1974 Birmingham bombings met with West Midland Police today to discuss the possibility of a new inquiry into the death of their loved ones. The families were told there would be no new investigation, or proceedings.

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Explaining the decision, Chief Constable Chris Sims said:

There have been questions over the years why certain individuals such as the people named by the media apparently never formed part of any investigation. I want to be open and transparent today and tell you that these men had been subject to investigation in the 1970s and the 1991-94 investigation.

There was insufficient evidence for proceedings against any person.

– Chris Sims

My professional judgement is that the 1991-94 investigation was carried out to a good standard.

– Chris Sims

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