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Exams in arts subjects set to be made tougher

GCSEs and A-levels in arts subjects such as music and drama are to undergo a radical overhaul in a bid to make the courses tougher, it has been announced. Nine GCSEs and six A-levels are to be reformed in the Government's reform of the exams system.

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Michael Gove wants 'schools to nurture creative talent'

Education Secretary Michael Gove said he wanted "schools to be able to nurture creative talent in every child" after announcing that exams in arts subjects are set to become tougher.

I am passionate about great art, drama, dance, music and design, and I am determined to ensure every child enjoys access to the best in our culture. I also want all schools to be able to nurture creative talent in every child.

That is why I am delighted that new high-quality qualifications in creative and cultural subjects will be made available to all students.

They will now have the chance to take these new qualifications from September 2016.

– Education Secretary Michael Gove

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