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Top prosecutor defends Nigel Evans charges

The Director of Public Prosecutions has defended the decision to prosecute former Commons deputy speaker Nigel Evans over a string of sex offences charges, saying victims of sex crimes do not always consider themselves victims.

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CPS defends decision to take Nigel Evans MP to trial

The statue of "Lady Justice" by the British sculptor, Frederick William Pomeroy. Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Archive

The Crown Prosecution Service has issued a statement defending its decision to take the Nigel Evans case to trial.

“The complainants in this case provided clear accounts of the alleged offending and it was right that all of the evidence was put before a jury," a CPS spokesperson said.

"That evidence could only be fully explored during a trial and the jury has decided, after hearing all of the evidence, that the prosecution has not proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. We respect this decision.”

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