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Starving girl footage reveals horrors of Syrian conflict

As they watch a second daughter starve Wala'a's parents say they are cannot feed their family as the Damascus suburb where they live in under siege.

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Father's search for food for his starving family

A father has spoken about the desperate search for food to help feed his children. One of his daughters, Marwa, died two months ago due to malnutrition as her father tried to find the food that might have saved her:

Doctors told us that we must feed Marwa sweets and sugar but I can't afford it, it is too expensive and hard to find so I brought them saccharine. Safa and Marwa is twin, Marwa died two months ago because of malnutrition, she was two years and half, I couldn't buy milk for my children, I have no work.

She was fine but I cannot afford to get her milk, I could only make them barely flour with water, this only thing we could feed them with, she started to get weaker till she died.

– Abu Qasem

Now he is watching as his youngest daughter slowly wastes away due to malnutrition. Born healthy Wala'a was taken to doctors when she started to struggle to breathe and now has to be fed through a tube to get the little amount of formula the family can get into her tiny body.

Wala was well at the beginning, now she is not. I lose my children one after another.

Their mother was breast feeding them but now she cannot, we only eat one meal a day and the only thing we eat is barely and olives.

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