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Starving girl footage reveals horrors of Syrian conflict

As they watch a second daughter starve Wala'a's parents say they are cannot feed their family as the Damascus suburb where they live in under siege.

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Syrian mother watches as a second daughter starves

Wala'a's doctors believe that if she survives she will be left with brain damage and could be paralysed due to malnutrition.

Her mother says she was healthy when she was first born three months ago:

Malnutrition and lack of milk and sugar because we cannot afford to bring milk and sugar and she became like this. She was better when she was born , she was laughing and crying

I tell all mothers to take care of their children and feed them well, this is the second child I have and they are dying infront of my eyes and I cannot do anything.

– Um Qasem

Wala'a's elder sister Marwa died just two months ago, leaving behind her twin Safa.

Marwa was good and moving and talking and slowly she started getting weaker day by day and melting in front of our eyes and she stopped eating and then she passed away.

– Um Qasem

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