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Thousands of children miss out on primary school places

Thousands of children have missed out on their parents' first choice of primary school amid a continuing squeeze on places. Around one in seven children have missed out on their first choice.

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Appeal 'very difficult' if primary class exceeds 30 pupils

John Walker urged worried parents to find out the size of the class their youngster would have been in, if they want to appeal. Credit: Daybreak/ITV

Parents who did not get their child into a local primary school should first find out if the class they were hoping to put their youngster in has exceeded 30 pupils, should they want to appeal, a legal expert told Daybreak.

John Walker, who specialises in appeals for school places, said the "first thing" the parents needed to work out if they had an "infant class size appeal".

"In 2000 the Government brought in regulations to say that one teacher can only teach a maximum of 30 children. If that happens, then the test to win the appeal is very, very difficult.

"You either have to show there was a mistake when the initial decision was made or that the decision is so unreasonable that no other school, no other local authority would have made that decision on the family's circumstances."

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