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'Huge disparity' in Govt spending on different parts of railway

There is a huge disparity in the amount of Government funding given to the railways in different parts of the UK, with train journeys in England receiving a little as £2.19 per passenger journey, according to the Office of Rail Regulation.

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Report exposes 'huge disparity' in railway spending

The amount of money spent on the railways varies widely from England to Scotland and Wales, according to a report from industry regulators.

Government policy is that rail passengers should cover more of the industry's income. Credit: PA

The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) found a "huge disparity" between Government spending in different parts of the UK, with rail journeys in England receiving as little as £2.19 per passenger journey.

In Scotland, £7.60 was spent per passenger journey and £9.33 in Wales during the year 2012/13, the report found.

Total government funding for 2012/13 for the railways amounted to £4 billion which represented 30.9% of the industry's total income and included £700,000 from Transport Scotland and £100,000 from the Welsh Government.

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