Dogs left 'hallucinating' after eating mystery substance

Five dogs were reported to have been left 'lethargic and doped'. Credit: Martin Gerten/DPA

Five dogs have been left 'lethargic and doped' after eating a mystery substance in a London park, feared to be cannabis.

The dogs were reported ill after walks on Hampstead Heath in the north of the capital. Experts have now been called to inspect the dogs' toxicology reports.

Rachel Black said her pet cocker spaniel Samba was affected after a walk with other dogs: "Three out of the five dogs were taken ill. Her legs were going funny, she was walking round in circles.

"The dogs had bloodshot eyes, they began to hallucinate, they were focusing at a spot on the wall and barking at it."

The vet inspecting the dogs reported a slow heart rate and low blood pressure, symptoms that are commonly associated with a cannabis overdose.