Earthquake speculation as tremors felt in Rutland

Several Twitter users in central England have reported tremors akin to a small earthquake this morning.


What the hell was that. Whole house shook about 7.07am! It was either an explosion or earthquake in Rutland. Anyone else feel it ?


#earthquake in #rutland at 7:05. It woke me up. All of the sheep and birds are busily talking about it.


Just thought the bath had fallen thro the ceiling but it was just an #earthquake in #rutland. Husband thought id fallen over-rude #pregnant


Another earthquake hits Rutland area in East Midlands

Another earthquake has struck the Rutland area of the East Midlands - 24 hours after a tremor which shook houses for around 10 seconds. The latest quake struck the Oakham area at around 7.50am today.