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Teachers subjected to 'vile online abuse from pupils'

An increasing number of teachers are receiving online threats from pupils and some parents, a survey has shown. A poll conducted by the NASUWT teaching union found 21% of teachers had abuse hurled at them via a social media website.

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Teachers subjected to 'vile' online abuse by pupils

Children as young as seven are posting abusive comments and making threats against teachers on social media websites, a survey has shown.

Teachers said they received vitriolic comments posted online by pupils as young as seven. Credit: PA

Data collected by the NASUWT teaching union found teachers had been racially abused, while others had lewd comments made about their sexuality.

Just over a fifth (21%) of the 7,500 teachers they quizzed had negative comments about them posted on a social media site.

The union's general secretary, Chris Keates, said more needed to be done to protect education staff from "the vile nature of the abuse they are suffering."

She added: "Schools should also be supporting staff in securing the removal of the offensive material from social media sites and encouraging the staff concerned to go to the police."

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