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Everest sherpas abandon climbing season after deaths

Sherpas who work as guides on Mount Everest have said they will not work again this climbing season to honour 16 colleagues killed in an avalanche last week.

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39 expeditions queue on Everest amid sherpa strike

After 13 sherpas were killed in an avalanche on Everest, their colleagues have called a strike in an effort to secure better conditions.

The current situation on Everest:

  • There are currently 39 expeditions queuing on Everest right now.
  • There are a total of 400 foreign climbers.
  • Each person is paying the Nepalese Government around a £6,000 climbing fee.

Sherpas' demands:

  • Some of climbing fees to be put aside for a relief find.
  • Minimum insurance payment for the sherpas who died to be doubled to £12,000.

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