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Survey: 64% of school children 'not bothered' by winning

Almost two thirds of school children are "not bothered" by the competitive element in school sports, a poll revealed. The survey from Marylebone Cricket Club found youngsters would feel less anxious if it was removed altogether from school sport.

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'Experiencing competition is important' to 84% of kids

The overwhelming majority of young children feel experiencing winning and losing in sport is important, a survey has revealed.

According to the 1,000 children and 1,000 parents quizzed by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and the Chance to Shine cricket charity:

  • Some 39% feel their mothers and fathers would be less interested if there were no winners and losers and the end of the match.
  • Just under one in four (22%) of the parents admitted they would be less interested in their son or daughter's school sports if there was no competition involved.
  • However, pushy parents are still a feature on the sidelines of school sports, the quiz showed - 86% of youngsters and 97% of their parents said there are some mothers and fathers more concerned about winning than the children themselves.

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