'Pensioner time bomb' if Scotland goes it alone

Scotland faces a "pensions time bomb" if it choses to leave the union in September's referendum, according to former prime minister Gordon Brown.

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Gordon Brown
Independence will put pensioners in a precarious position, Gordon Brown will say. Credit: PA

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Pensions will be more secure and cheaper to administer if Scotland remains in the UK, the Scottish Labour MP will say in his first speech for the cross-party Better Together campaign.

However, if Scotland leaves the union, the first annual pension bill would be "three times the income from oil", the former Labour party leader is expected to say in his speech.

And it faces a "pensioner time bomb" as the number of elderly people is growing faster than the working age population, an internal Department of Work and Pensions memo procured by Mr Brown said.

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Independent Scotland faces 'pensioner time bomb'

An independent Scotland faces a "pensioner time bomb" if it choses to leave the union in referendum later this year, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown will warn in a speech later today.