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Survey: 64% of school children 'not bothered' by winning

Almost two thirds of school children are "not bothered" by the competitive element in school sports, a poll revealed. The survey from Marylebone Cricket Club found youngsters would feel less anxious if it was removed altogether from school sport.

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'Two-thirds of youngsters' do not care about winning

The overwhelming majority of children do not care about winning at school sports and said they would enjoy them more if the competitive element was removed altogether, a study found.

Children would get more enjoyment out of sport if there were not a competitive element, the survey showed. Credit: PA

Data collected by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) and the Chance to Shine cricket charity, found 64% of youngsters did not care who won the sport they were playing.

In fact, the survey suggests it is mothers and fathers who put more store by who wins and who loses, with some admitting that they would be less interested in watching their child play sport if there was no final result.

"It is worrying to see that so many children would be relieved to see competition removed from sport," Wasim Khan, chief executive of Chance to Shine, said.

"We want to teach children the importance of playing sport competitively and fairly, and for them to see the benefits that it can bring to their lives."

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