'We will never recognise Russia's occupation of Crimea'

US Vice President Joe Biden today warned Russia that the US would "never recognise" its occupation of Crimea.

US Vice President Joe Biden issued a warning to Russia today Credit: RTV

Speaking on a visit to Kiev, he said: "No nation has the right to simply grab land from another nation.

"No nation has that right and we will never recognise Russia's illegal occupation of Crimea and neither will the world."

Following the press conference, the Pentagon announced that it will send around 600 US troops to Poland and the three Baltic states, in a bid to reassure the NATO allies.

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Russian govt: We will respond to attack on our interests

Russia's Foreign Minister has warned Ukraine his country will respond if its interests are threatened. Sergei Lavrov's words came as Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister announced new "anti-terrorist" action against separatists in eastern Ukraine.