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Independence pleas from both sides on St George's Day

David Cameron and Alex Salmond have given speeches for and against Scottish independence, as England marks St George's Day.

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Alex Salmond appeals to Border Community

Scotland's First Minister will attempt to woo more voters along the border with England, arguing there will be no disruption to trading relationships if voters chose to go it alone.

Alex Salmond will argue Scottish independence will not change existing economic ties with the north of England. Credit: PA

In a speech given in the English city of Carlisle on St George's Day, Alex Salmond will insist Scotland will keep the pound, despite a rousing refusal from all major UK parties to agree to a currency union.

The SNP leader is expected to refute Westminster allegations that Scottish independence will have a "profound change" on cross-border relations.

Instead, Mr Salmond will claim existing social and economic ties on the border will continue as they are.

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