1. Carl Dinnen

Clegg's wife presses Nick on 'men's testosterone'

Sometimes politicians can pick and chose who they take questions from after a speech. Not this time.

When Nick Clegg spotted that his wife Miriam had raised her hand in a Question and Answer session he couldn't really pretend he hadn't.

He looked to me pretty shocked about it too; 'I am terrified about what is about to come' he said.

And then she asked her question. You can hear it all here but she ended by asking him to agree that for a man to look after his children does not affect his level of testosterone and that men who treat women as equals have the most "cojones". Wow.

Not many politicians have taken public questions from their spouses and I'm fairly sure none have taken a question involving testosterone and cojones (Spanish for 'balls' in case you wondered).

The Deputy Prime Minister very wisely started his answer by saying he of course agreed with his wife, "How would I do anything else?". Perhaps it was a moment for consideration before cojones.