Barclays shareholders stick boot in over bonuses

Barclays chairman Sir David Walker told shareholders at the bank's annual general meeting that staff had to be given higher bonuses in order to stop them leaving, but his speech was met with calls to "sack" the remuneration committee.


Barclays chairman tells shareholders bonuses had to rise as resignation rates at investment bank doubled. "Genuine threat" to business.


"We're paying for Manchester United, we're getting Colchester Utd" - another Barclays shareholder stick boot in over level of bonuses.


Warm applause for shareholder who says "I think the remuneration committee should be sacked".


Barclays bosses face shareholder anger

Barclays bosses have been given a rough ride at today's annual general meeting as shareholder anger over pay rises is expected to spill over. The banking giant has defied calls for restraint and hiked up its staff bonus pool by 10%.