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Lib Dems take aim at UKIP and major parties in election launch

David Cameron and Ed Miliband are "missing in action" in the fight against "populists and xenophobes", Nick Clegg will claim today as he launches the Liberal Democrats' European election campaign.

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Clegg: Ukip 'peddle myths unchallenged'

Ukip have continued to "peddle their myths unchallenged for decades" claiming Britain's problems all stem from the EU.

Nick Clegg will warn Nigel Farage's party have "a dangerous fantasy" which will "jeopardise jobs" at a rally in Colchester:

Ukip and others have been allowed to peddle their myths unchallenged for decades, claiming that all of our problems would magically disappear if the UK just left the EU.

But it's a dangerous fantasy. It's the surest way to jeopardise jobs, risk our fragile economic recovery, and it will leave Britain alone and diminished in the world.

– Nick Clegg

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