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British women 'joining husbands to fight in Syria'

Ten British women may have travelled to Syria to join the fight against the Assad regime's forces, according to experts.

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Britons in Syria 'may be getting in way of rebellion'

A terrorism expert has said the Britons going to Syria to fight the Assad regime are generally doing so for "sincere reasons" but may end up making the situation worse for rebel forces.

Dr Shiraz Maher of King's College London said:

Most British jihadists go to Syria for sincere reasons to help in what they believe is a struggle against oppression but many don't appreciate the reality on the ground.

There are around 10 British women out there, we believe, and most have travelled to Syria with their husbands.

They go believing they will fight jihad to overthrow Assad but may actually be getting in the way of the rebellion by joining groups and fuelling the infighting they are involved in.

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