'Hijacked' Virgin plane lands at Bali airport

Flight tracking website Flightrader said the Virgin Australia Airlines flight VA41 reportedly hijacked en route from Brisbane has landed at Indonesia's Bali airport.


Virigin Atlantic flight VA41 is squawking 7500 (hijack) on ground on Denpasar Airport http://t.co/oKcLmaX8iZ http://t.co/F6ZcMVQuF9


This is the flight path for the hijacked Virgin Australia flight VA41. Standing on ground at Denpasar/Bali now. http://t.co/gWivgM0iIZ



'Drunk passenger' caused Virgin plane hijack reports

A Virgin Australia spokesman said a drunken passenger trying to break into its cockpit en route to Bali had lead to initial erroneous reports that a plane from Brisbane had been hijacked.