Musical festival bosses urged not to sell 'hippy crack'

Musical festival bosses are being urged to ban 'hippy crack' from their events this summer because it can cause death.

The laughing gas, which is sold in balloons for around £2 per dose, is inhaled to make people feel euphoric and relaxed. But drug experts warn it can cause death on first time use.

Norman Baker MP is urges festivals not to allow the sale of laughing gas this summer. Credit: Press Association

Norman Baker, a Liberal Democrat MP, wrote in a letter to festival organisers: "Nitrous oxide can slow down both brain and body response and there is even a risk of death from a lack of oxygen especially if the substance is consumed in a small space or a substantial amount is rapidly used."

He added: "If you have not already done so, I also encourage you to consider a ban on the sale of this substance and where possible take measures to prevent it from being used within the festival site."