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Briton dies in Colombia after taking drugs in tribal ritual

A British teenager has died in South America after taking hallucinogenic drugs during a tribal ritual. Henry Miller, 19, was in a remote rainforest area of Colombia when he reportedly took the drug with a local tribe.

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Brit teen in S America drug ritual 'adventurous traveller'

The parents of Henry Miller, who died after taking a hallucinogenic drug during a tribal ceremony in South America, have released a statement about the incident.

David and Elizabeth Miller said: "In the last 48 hours we received the exceptionally sad news that our son Henry has died whilst travelling in Colombia.

"We understand that he took part in a local tribal ritual recommended by the hostel that he was staying at. The ritual involves a drink made from local plant infusions.

"We are awaiting further information from the Foreign Office, but it is likely that a reaction to this drink was the cause."

Mr Miller was in South America on a gap-year trip. His family described him as "an adventurous person who travelled extensively".

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