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Row over 'realistic' cost of Scottish independence

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has called on the Scottish Government to produce its own "realistic analysis" of the cost of independence as the Treasury prepares to publish its findings on the financial impact of a Yes vote.

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Questions over Scottish Independence 'detail in figures'

The Chancellor George Osborne and Douglas Alexander have asked the department's economists to calculate "in detail the figures that illustrate the benefits of the UK and the cost of independence". Economists spent months analysing forecasts, and spoke to independent bodies, the UK Government said.

Douglas Alexander has questioned Alex Salmond's plan for Scottish independence. Credit: PA

The analysis will set out "in more detail than ever before the impact of having to absorb the higher spending and lower tax caused by declining oil revenues, an ageing population, the Scottish Government's uncosted policy pledges and the set-up costs of independence in a much smaller budget".

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: "The fact is Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries per head in the world and is more than capable of being an economically successful independent country - the fiction is coming from Mr Alexander and his colleagues in the Tory-led No campaign."

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