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E-cigarette use 'has tripled in two years'

The use of electronic 'E-cigarettes' has tripled over the last two years, with over 2 million Britons now regularly smoking them. Health charity ASH released figures showing a rise from 700,00 in 2012 to 2.1 million this year.

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E-cigarette warnings 'baseless nonsense'

The director of one of the UK's biggest e-cigarette companies has called warnings about health problems associated with the products are "baseless nonsense".

Charles Hamshaw-Thomas, legal and corporate affairs director at E-Lites, said:

""Study after study is showing that scaremongering that e-cigarettes are luring people into tobacco is baseless nonsense. The reverse is going on - smokers are switching into e-cigarettes as the way to reduce the harm from tobacco."

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