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Obama strikes military deal with Philippines

President Barack Obama has arrived in the Philippines to seal a 10-year deal that will allow a larger US military presence in the southeast Asian nation, as the US seeks to boost its trade relations with Asia and rival a rising China.

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Obama: US not trying to 'counter or contain' China

Philippine President Benigno Aquino said today that he agrees with US President Barack Obama that territorial disputes should be settled peacefully.

President Obama said the US is not trying to "reclaim old bases or build new ones" at the bilateral talks in Manila.

US President Barack Obama meets with Philippine's President Benigno Aquino inside Malacanang presidential palace in Manila today. Credit: Reuters

President Obama said he supports the country's efforts to seek arbitration on its dispute with China over it's "nine-dash-line" claims to about 90 percent of the South China Sea, an important shipping route that is believed to be rich in energy resources.

"Both President Obama and I share the conviction that territorial and maritime disputes in the Asia Pacific region should be settled peacefully based on international law," Aquino said at a joint news conference.

The US is not trying to counter or contain China, but has a goal to "respect international rules," President Obama added.

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