US homeowner shoots dead student in 'burglar trap'

A US homeowner who laid a trap in his garage to catch burglars has been charged with murder after shooting dead a 17-year-old German exchange student who lived in the neighbourhood, NBC Montana reported.

The neighbourhood in Missoula County, Montana, where a German exchange student was shot dead. Credit: NBC Montana

Markus Kaarma, 29, and his wife Janelle Pflager rigged their garage with motion sensors and a baby monitor before leaving the door open with a handbag on display in a bid to entice thieves following a spate of break-ins, court documents claim.

Diren Dede, of Hamburg, was shot twice and later died at a local hospital.

Kaarma told police he found an intruder in his garage after an alarm went off early on Sunday morning and shot him with a shotgun.

According to prosecutors Kaarma reportdly told his hairdresser he had been waiting up for three nights "so he could shoot a kid".