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Warning of 'gaps' in national security strategy

The Government needs to address 'gaps' in the UK's national security strategy, a parliamentary committee says. The report criticises the response to the winter floods, along with failure to spot developments leading to the crisis in Ukraine.

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Government 'overlooked' developing Ukraine crisis

The Government failed to spot developments leading up to the crisis in Ukraine, a committee of MPs and peers has said.

The report from the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy said the National Security Council should spend more time looking at long-term issues affecting national security.

Recent events in Ukraine may not have been precisely predictable but the fact that Ukraine was unstable and Russia might react to that instability was widely recognised.

The impact of EU policy towards Ukraine on stability in the region appears to have been overlooked, perhaps in part because EU matters are considered not in the National Security Council but in another Cabinet committee.

The crisis in Ukraine is the type of event we had in mind when calling on the NSC to give time to horizon-scanning and longer-term, strategic issues.

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