Miliband makes pledge to 'Generation Rent'

Ed Miliband will set out a series of proposed reforms to the private rented sector, declaring that "Generation Rent" has been ignored.

Labour's proposals include:

  • Landlords restricted to one rent review a year and required by law to keep it below a set level.
  • Charges imposed on tenants by up to 94 percent of agents - reaching as much as £500 - would be banned.
  • Tenants would get a three-year deal so long as they paid the rent on time and were not guilty of anti-social behaviour in the first six months.
  • Landlords could only serve tenants with two months' notice to leave with "good reason".


Miliband pledges cap on private rent rises

Labour would cap private sector rent rises, ban letting agents charging tenants fees and introduce three-year tenancies, Ed Miliband will promise as he launches the party's campaign for the European and local elections.