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Property prices likely to double in 'broken' market

The price of a home in England is likely to double over the next 10 years to around £446,000 unless stronger action is taken to tackle the "broken" housing market, charity Shelter has warned.

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Generation face a future 'living in childhood bedrooms'

A generation of young people face a future "living in their childhood bedrooms", until their mid-thirties because of a chronic shortage of affordable homes, Shelter has warned.

Campbell Robb, Shelter's chief executive, said:

Our chronic shortage of affordable homes means that a generation face a future of living in their childhood bedrooms into their thirties.

But this report proves that the next government can turn the tide on the housing shortage within a single parliament.

The thousands of young people and families forced to watch their dream of stable home slip further out of reach are already paying the price for successive governments' failure to build the homes we need.

With housing now a top issue for voters, politicians of all parties are rightly beginning to feel the need to act.

– Campbell Robb

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