Nick Clegg dismisses call for school security scanners

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said today that introducing security scanners at schools after the killing of teacher Ann Maguire would turn classrooms into "battle zones" and means "fear would have triumphed".

Security guards check the bags of applicants for the study of medicine at Vienna University.

Speaking during his regular LBC Call Clegg phone-in show, he said: "The notion that any teacher should lose their life in the classroom is just horrific and I think, perhaps, it was especially poignant because she was clearly such a widely respected teacher.

"In terms of our reaction, I don't want to see every school feel like an airport terminal. We want our classrooms to be classrooms, not battle zones."

Head teachers already have powers to take measures, such as inspecting pupils, if they fear weapons or other dangerous implements are being taken into the classroom, he said.

Mr Clegg added that from what he had read about the late teacher, he thought that "she herself wouldn't want see the school system turn into a high-security environment."